Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sambora / Bon Jovi expectations?

Recent Richie Sambora tweets on his upcoming album:
Peeps are asking about my realese date..... Prob late July. Maybe some live dates right after on into early fall...
1:52 PM - 29 Feb 12 via Twitter for iPad

Lotta peeps askin bout my record. Should be pretty much done by the end of the month. Did a mix today. 3 songs done.
1:13 PM - 3 Mar 12 via Twitter for iPhone

The principle theme of the record is the ups and downs of my life over the past decade. What I've learned and observed.
2:32 AM - 7 Mar 12 via Twitter for iPhone

I wanna thank everyone for all the ideas for the title ideas... I got one. I'll tell ya's when I get it all solidified.
10:30 AM - 7 Mar 12 via Twitter for iPad

Desmond Child has also posted some photos on his Facebook page saying he is writing with Jon and Richie on the next Bon Jovi album.

What are you expecting or hoping for from the band's next album and Richie's solo work?


  1. I'm a bit confused as to when Richie's record will be done. As in one tweet it says July for a release, but then he says it will be done by the end of the month. So does that mean there will be a delay between finishing it and releasing it?

    To be honest, I am most excited about Richie's record rather than the band one. I have pretty high expectations for Richie's solo release as I really enjoy his two prior solo efforts. They really allow him to shine away from the band and I think he writes some really insightful lyrics. A lot has happened to him since 1998, so he should have a lot to say.

    As far as the band record goes, I did like the little preview Jon gave of a song during his Person to Person interview - "What About Now". Seems he is still thinking about social issues like on the Circle record. But then it was also tweeted that he and Richie had been writing with Big 'n' Rich, so I wonder if that means there will be more 'Nashville-influenced' songs? I hope so, as I really like the Lost Highway record better than the Circle and would like to hear more songs like that.

    So eager to hear both, but Richie's is the one I am most looking forward to....I hope he doesn't disappoint.

    (Sorry I wrote so much! Just got me thinking :) )

  2. Well, July might just be a good time to release it... But if by "finished" he just means they have written and recorded all the songs, they'd still need to all be mixed and mastered... and then there's stuff like cover art, promotion, etc. Probably other things I haven't thought of as well, since I've never made an album. :P

    And hey, don't apologise... I appreciate your thoughts. :)

  3. Happy to hear about both endeavors. Enjoyed Richie's solos and Jon's. Loved Lost Highway, except the Big and Rich song and enjoyed the Circle also. Plus enjoyed four concerts in '10 and '11. Having severe withdrawals with no live music. Even people, other than BJ, I like, aren't worth the price of tickets. McCarntney and BJ are the only recent acts I've seen recently that are worth it.

  4. Looking forward to the Sambora solo album more than any new BJ. I still feel BJ needs to go away for another 2 years or so and then release something very honest (a la Keep The Faith or These Days ... heck, even HAND). I know I pine for another TD and that can never be re-done, but I'm feeling lately like Jon is still hoping for radio success or another hit like IML.


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