Sunday, April 3, 2011

Something to Believe In, Mystery Train + more from Vancouver

Bon Jovi hit Vancouver, Canada on March 25 and March 26, 2011... here are some special videos.

Something to Believe In

One of my favourites. Not nearly as good as the third night in Sydney 2010, but if I'd been there live I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Mystery Train

A pleasant shock. I recall not being overly impressed by this song as a teenager, but these days I love it.

Love's the Only Rule

Dear Jon. You clearly care about this song. Play it at every show?

These Days

Jon sucks up to the local crowd with a Vancouver Canucks NHL jersey. ;)

Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars

Some people absolutely despise this song, while others love it. I have no issues with the song itself, but I generally don't bother showcasing it when it's performed so I figured I'd make an exception for the Crash fans this time!

More excellent videos from Vancouver at Hath & Co's Circle Tour Blog.


  1. That is one sparkly Sambora on the Captain Crash video! :) So glad you posted it...I wasn't a big fan of that song until I saw it live, and now I just love's just a fun song!

  2. No problem. :)

    That's his WTB guitar.

  3. It is just a fun silly song. I love it and my best friend who is always with me at shows hates it. It always makes us laugh.


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