Monday, April 19, 2010

Bon Jovi special edition albums to be released

According to this media release, Bon Jovi's first 10 albums are set to be re-released next month with live bonus tracks:
On May 11, Bon Jovi will re-release their classic studio albums as Special Editions. Each of the band's first 10 albums – Bon Jovi, 7800 Fahrenheit, Slippery When Wet, New Jersey, Keep The Faith, These Days, Crush, Bounce, Have A Nice Day and Lost Highway – will feature the original studio album tracks plus era-specific live recordings included as bonus tracks.

The bonus live tracks include songs taken from sound checks and concerts held in venues from all over the world, ranging from 500 seat theatres to massive football stadiums. Many of the live versions are extended, including "Get Ready" (Bon Jovi), "In and Out Of Love" (7800 Fahrenheit), "Blood on Blood" (New Jersey), "Keep The Faith" (Keep The Faith), and a duet featuring Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland performing "Who Says You Can't Go Home" (Have A Nice Day) with the band.

This "Special Edition" collection will feature new packaging. Each CD will feature new artwork, including images from each period, and new liner notes documenting the band's success through each stage of their twenty-five year career. Exclusive soft-pack versions will also contain reproductions of laminated tour credentials.

Additionally, each "Special Edition" will provide fans with the ability to gain "backstage access" to The Bon Jovi Vaults — a website being created to offer exclusive virtual content, including photos, tour memorabilia and additional live audio tracks.
Cha-ching! goes the Jovi cash register. :P Damn, I think I can feel my wallet getting lighter already.


  1. I wonder how many of these tracks will be recycled from One Wild Night...

  2. haha moooore money for jon and his major corporation. oh dear...

  3. Oh no, more money I will spend on JBJ! My husband will go nuts!! Ha Ha. Can't wait. I can always add more to my shrine!


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