Friday, July 17, 2009

David Bryan: Living in Colts Neck

Here's a pretty detailed interview with everyone's favourite piano man David Bryan. Dave talks about Bon Jovi, his musicals, and life and music in general. He also confirms plans to release a new album later and tour, and he's marrying Lexi Quaas next year too. :)

LICN: Any other upcoming projects with Bon Jovi, independently, or on Broadway?

DB: Bon Jovi.We plan to put out a new record in the fourth quarter and tour next year. I have files and I’m putting stuff together now in my studio. I have another musical that Joe and I are halfway through; in between touring I will work on it. I figure [that] if it takes 8 years to get a show to Broadway and I am already 47 years old, I have about four more shows and then I am done! I want to do more work. Chasing the Song is about songwriters… after the ’50’s but before the Beatles came in. I like that…creating, making something out of nothing.

This quote made me snicker too:
Hey, Jon still can shake his butt and get the 16-year old girls to scream (smiles). We remind him that his daughter is 16. We keep ourselves in shape, take it seriously, try to be the best we can be, go as long as we can. It is fun! You get out there and play.

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