Saturday, November 15, 2008

Greatest hits, DVD, documentary... end of 2009??

Following on from the previous post, this article was written by the same person but for Billboard.

"We've been filming a documentary and are in the process of mixing a live DVD of last year's 'Lost Highway' concert tour," Sambora says. "Also, I think we're looking at doing a greatest hits album next year. Jon and I are writing some new songs for it and to just load up for the next Bon Jovi record."

Sambora says he expects the DVD and best-of effort to be packaged together for a fall 2009 street date. The Nashville-tinged "Lost Highway" was a critical and commercial success, but Sambora says the band won't necessarily return to that style again.

"Fall" is Autumn, which will be Springtime in the southern hemisphere, so that looks like it'll be towards the end of next year. I was surprised when Obie O'Brien said that the DVD wouldn't be out before Christmas 2008 because I was certain they would cash in on the spending season, plus it doesn't take six months to mix a concert.

But if the DVD, Greatest Hits and documentary are all released together, that would account for the delay. The DVD is probably the one I'm most anticipating, and just hope it's got good sound, isn't excessively overdubbed, and that the best songs/performances are not cut out.

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