Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LH Magic Memory #5: Dave in Toronto

Anyone who follows the shows would know that Bon Jovi's resident guitar god Richie Sambora gets to take lead vocals on a song each night. There were a few exceptions: Richie got two songs at a couple of shows of the final leg of the Lost Highway tour, and there was one show during the second leg where he didn't sing lead at all.

That was March 13, 2008, at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, when the night belonged to David Bryan. It was Dave who got to sing "In These Arms" in its entirety, while Jon ducked backstage. Richie fans may have been disappointed (and the fact that touring musician Bobby Bandiera performed the guitar solo again instead of Richie probably didn't help to appease them) but there's no denying Bon Jovi's keyboard player can hold a note. Dave's mic appeared to be turned down (his voice is very low in the mix at the start of the song) but nevertheless, a magic memory for this blog. Check out the video.

David also recorded a beautiful version of "In These Arms" for his Lunar Eclipse solo album, which I had to get imported but it was worth it (although I do have to disclose that I'm a pianist myself so if you're looking for distorted guitar riffs and such, it's not the album for you).

Anyway, I mentioned that this particular night in Toronto belonged to Dave... Well, earlier in the show he'd also cranked out the accordion for a very rare performance of "Miss Fourth of July". This was only the second time the song had been played live, and first time on an actual tour.

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